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A1 Telekom Austria offers A1 Mobile Mail which is based on the cloud-supported email service "Calista Mobile Mail".

A1 Telekom Austria relies on Calista MobileChat! for its customers. The A1 Chat is not only the most popular mobile application but also the biggest mobile chat in Europe with more than 1,000 concurrent mobile chatters.

During the European Championship 2008, football fans were able to follow and discuss the games in the A1 football chat. Scores, comments and news were immediately posted in the chat rooms. Moreover, users were able to upload and rate videos & pictures depicting everyday life during the European Championship.

The existing chat solution has been adapted for usage as an erotic adult chat. Calista BunnyChat! was an integral part of the mobile service offer of A1 Telekom Austria.
Mobile network operator Si.mobil, a member of Telekom Austria Group, offers "Calista Mobile Mail“ to its customers.
M-Tel Bulgaria, another member of the Telekom Austria Group, has just launched "Calista Mobile Mail“.

In the run-up to the launch, Calista Mobile Mail has been carefully customized to the Bulgarian market. The first step was to display cyrillic characters in the user interface. Then, the quick selection in the setup wizard was filled with locally popular email service providers. This way customers feel right at home as soon as they start using the app.
Calista‘s easy-to-use software for mobile picture and video upload sends the new Red Bull MOBILE Community soaring. Since 1 October 2008, Red Bull MOBILE offers various mobile services which focus on multimedia and community. The Red Bull MOBILE Community client by Calista has been pre-installed on every Red Bull MOBILE cell phone. The modern user interface design makes the java program especially easy to handle. Once the program has been started, the user can either choose suitable snapshots from already existing media or create a new picture/video showing current events. The live broadcast of each user is uploaded to the web community without any quality losses. The user decides which content can be seen, rated and commented by friends and other community members.
The Calista specialists developed a mobile mail service for H3G Austria in record time. "3MobileMail" is based on the innovative solution Calista MobileMail! and offers a top-notch user interface that is certainly on a par with iPhone & Co. Handy features such as push mail notification, setup wizard and multimedia attachments make Calista MobileMail! the ideal companion for your garden variety cell phone user. 3 customers can download the new service from the mobile portal "Planet3" or the application store "3Apps".
Calista, the mobile network operator Orange and the Austrian football club SK Rapid present the new "Mobile Rapid Community" filled with exciting services, pictures and videos for loyal Rapid fans.
 , Austria's biggest, oldest and most famous web dating service, is now available on mobile phones. At present, mobile is part of the mobile portal of mobilkom austria, Orange, tele.ring and T-Mobile Austria. Nevertheless, the service may be used for flirting by customers of all Austrian network operators.

Customers of mobile network operator tele.ring use mobile e-mail by Calista. Users may read and write e-mails and attachments everywhere and anytime. Added value is created with SMS notification, which is used to inform users about incoming messages.

The mobile erotic services by Calista are an integral part of the mobile service offer of tele.ring
Orange uses a mobile content kiosk for downloading videos, ring tones, logos, wallpapers, screensavers etc. Different devices are automatically recognized and subsequently provided with the suitable type of content. In the area of erotic adult services, Orange relies on Calista BunnyChat! and MobileQuiz!
Calista BunnyChat! and MobileQuiz! are part of the mobile service offer of the Swiss network operator Swisscom.
Calista and CE On-Demand have recently teamed up to make Calista Mobile Mail the ultimate service offer for all mobile network operators, who want to provide their domestic customers with easy email access on their mobile phones. CE On-Demand, the leading cloud service provider in Central Europe, allows to save email messages and contacts in the cloud. Calista's mobile email application for Android, Java and mobile browsers offers access to both with garden-variety mobile phones. Together CE On-Demand and Calista form a perfect team.
MangoBits, an Austrian company which specizalizes in iPhone, iPad and Android development, and Calista cooperate to bring Calista's well-known apps to the iPhone.
SpeedAlert, a mobile speed limit warner, and Wayfinder Outdoor, a novel mobile navigation system for recreational use, were created in cooperation with the Swedish company wayfinder. Both solutions were developed by Calista.
In co-operation with MindMatics, German mobile network operators are provided with mobile services for adults including MobileQuiz!.
In co-operation with Melon Mobile, Austrian mobile network operators, such as mobilkom austria and Orange, are provided with mobile services for adults including Calista BunnyChat! and MobileQuiz!.
On behalf of via donau, a mobile application was developed which observes the water level of the Danube and automatically raises alarm via SMS. Subsequently, imminent floodings of the Danube are detected early on.
The company evolaris uses a mobile platform, developed by Calista, to conduct mobile surveys.
The parliamentary party "Die Grünen" uses a Calista mobile solution for mobile schedules. Delegates can easily access their appointment schedules.
The German sports TV network DSF uses Calista MobileQuiz! to entertain its viewers.
Customers of eTel were among the first users of Calista's former mobile office solution, which is now Calista MobileMail!
"Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG" was one of our first customers. In 2001, Calista developed the former WAP portal as a special service for mobile banking users.
In the past, the popular Austrian youth platform used the Calista technology to send logos and ring tones to its members.
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