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Calista MobileChat! is one of our most popular applications in the area of mobile communication. It is one of the first mobile chats to support all channels: WAP (WML/PML, XHTML), J2ME, SMS, PDA, Web and teletext. Users decide which channel they prefer in order to access one and the same community. Subsequently, they chat everywhere, anytime with any device.  

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  Key Features      
"Numerous features ensure entertainment in the mobile chat: private rooms, private messages, friendlist, custom chat colour,..."
  Your benefits, our service      
"As full-managed service provider, Calista does the hard work for you: hosting, updates, continuous adaption to new mobile devices,..."

Best Practice
Since May 2003, Calista MobileChat! has been an integral part of the Vodafone live! portal of mobilkom austria, Austria's biggest mobile network operator. Several thousand visitors per day demonstrate how popular the mobile chat is.

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